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Full Version: Prohibited Items For Custom Classes
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This list will include all weapons that will not be allowed on any custom classes due to them either being entirely broken or overpowered aswell as Playermodels that either have a reduced hitbox or are smaller then the citizen model(s)


- Davy Crockett (M9K) for obvious reasons
- Minigun (M9K)
- Rocket Launchers of any sort
- Invisibility SWEP
- Teleportation SWEPs
- Any Weapon that does over 100 damage per shot, Snipers Excluded
- Orbital Strike (M9K)
- Invincibility SWEPs / Anything that gives you over 200hp & 200 armor
- Force field SWEPs
- Hackphone
- Spas 12 (M9K)

- All models that are very small, exception if your class is labeled as a minge class / Hobo Class
- Any models that have a reduced hit box
- Any models that have unresponsive limbs, Example a Model that upon being shot in the arm takes no damage as it is not apart of the hitbox

Both of these lists are subject to increase as more and more overpowered items have been tested. If you request to add any of these items to your class you will be refused and asked to find another custom weapon / custom model