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Full Version: Jefferson's Mod App
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Steam Name: Jefferson Dillsmasher

In game name: Jefferson Dillsmasher

Steam ID (you can find it here- http://steamidfinder.com): STEAM_0:0:452468415

What is your timezone and the days you are available: MST

Age: 32

Time on the server: 13 hours

What are your advantages? I have good communication and teamwork skills 

What are your disadvantages? People are annoying

Do you have a mic? No

Why you would like to be a Mod on Vortex Gaming.(50 words or more): I want to help the community and prevent players from breaking rules. A lot of the times i see people breaking rules but there's no staff on or they're super busy.

What is more important the "Administrators" or the "players"? Explain why? Both are equally important because the server couldn't exist without both of them. If there was no staff the players wouldn't follow any rules and it would be total havoc. Without any regular players the server wouldn't have any population.

Have you applied for moderator on Vortex before? No

What is your favorite part of the server? The community, because they make the server very enjoyable

Do you understand the responsibility of being a staff member? If so explain..(50 words or more): Yes, staff members need to handle sits responsibly and be unbiased. As a staff member you're supposed to be a portrayal of what the server is, if the staff is acting immature and screwing around, the players won't think of the server as professional. Obviously staff members can still have fun but not be over the top.

Rate your communication skills from a scale of 1 to 10 and explain why you gave yourself that number: 8 because I communicate very well but sometimes it's hard to without a mic

Do you have experience with staff work if so list the server name and the rank you have(Can be a different game as well): No

Have you ever been banned from a server? if so, why:
Staff Test - Part A ( Use Staff Punishment Guide )
Below you will be given a problem you will enter what punishment or ban time would be done for each:

RDMx1: Warn and slay
RDMx2:  Kick
RDMx3: Day ban
Mass RDM (4 or more): 2 week ban

RDAx1: Warn and slay
RDAx2: Kick
RDAx3: Day ban
Mass RDA (4 or more): 2 week ban

NLRx1: Warn and slay
NLRx2: Kick
NLRx3: 1 hour ban
NLR (4 or more): 1 day ban

Chat Spamx1: warn
Chat Spamx2: gag
Chat Spamx3: kick
Chat Spam (4 or more): 1 day ban

Flaming in chatx1: warn
Flaming in chatx2: gag
Flaming in chatx3: kick
Flaming in chat (4 or more): ban 1 hour

Disrespectx1: warn
Disrespectx2: kick
Disrespectx3: 1 hour ban
Disrespect (4 or more): 1 day ban

Trollingx1: warn
Trollingx2: kick
Trollingx3: 1 day ban
Trolling (4 or more): 1 week

Trolling (4 or more):
Staff Test- Part B
Below you will be given a situation so you will put done what you would do.

You suspect someone of fading door abusing how would you find out: Spectate or go invis and watch them during a raid

Logs are not working someone has RDMed list 2 alternatives to find this out: Witnesses or logs

You suspect a staff member of abusing how would you find out: Spectate them and report them to higher ups

You suspect a hacker how would you find out: Go invis or spectate and watch them

You suspect a DDOS what should you do: Report to Leroy/Barry/Dark

How would you respond to a mass RDM: Jail or freeze them and then ban them

How would you respond to a mass RDA: Jail or freeze them and then ban them

Player(s) are using one way props- Talk to them and tell them that you can't have one way props

If a prop is blocking an entry or exit without a keypad what would you do- Talk to them and inform them they need a fading door

If you find random weapons around the map (Not in or near owned bases): Delete them or take them 

Player(s) not following job rules- Let them know what their job rules are and if they don't start following the rules, give them a warning

Player(s) not following NLR rule- Warn them and tell them they can't come back after they die until it's over

Player(s) killing in spawn- Tell them they can't do any sort of RPing in spawn. If it was RDM I would kick them.

Fading door abusers- Tell them they have to use the keypad whenever they open their fading door during a raid.

Say you suspect a player of fading door abusing. How would you find out if this is true- Cloak or go invis and watch during a raid
A staff member is in a RP class and afk with god mode enabled what would do and or who would you inform- Tell them they're in god mode and if they don't ungod I'd report them to staff

You suspect a player of hacking, what do you do and who do you inform- Spectate them and tell Leroy, Barry, or Dark
+1 seems compitent could prove to be a useful staff member
+1 wlecome to staff team dude xd