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I don't live in a garage ;(

Steam Name:Child

In game name: Scum

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:167940329

What is your timezone and the days you are available: My timezone is pst and I can be on around 4 every day if needed


Time on the server: Like 4 years

What are your advantages?
My advantages are that i am a very friendly person when I need to be. As many of you know I can be racist or disrespectful and I completely admit to that. But when I'm needed I can smarten up and do my job. I find myself as a responsible person in that way. I can pick up my act in a second when i'm needed. I also can be nice but i can also be  a dickhead in sits when I'm needed to be. I can lay down the rules on someone with no sympathy if i need to. Another advantage is that i have tons of experience with staff on this server and other servers, i have been on and off this servers staff team many times. Many of you may find this a disadvantage that i'm unreliable. I know why you may think that but that's not true. I only leave if i'm forced to. I would like to really get into this amazing community again. I find it the best thing when you feel welcome in a community. I can also be on very late to stop the late night rdm's and i feel like that is a very good thing to be able to do since there is usually a lot of those sad bois.

What are your disadvantages?
I can be one piece of work sometimes. I can be annoying and just a pain in the ass . But i can smarten up if needed. and i have a strong devotion to sad boi hours which is from 12am-4am.

Have you Donated?

Do you have a mic?

Why you would like to be a Mod on Vortex Gaming.(50 words or more):
I would like to be a mod on vortex because its truly an amazing community and it is just a great thing to feel welcome and be apart of a community. I also love helping people and would be happy to help anyone in need of a staff member or help them with anything at all. I just get a great feeling when i help someone.

What is more important the "Administrators" or the "players"? Explain why?
Well the players clearly. Because without players theirs no server and with no server theirs no fun. The administrators are still very important but the player base is way more important. Because without players there would be nothing to administrate. And if we don't take care of our players the player base will go down and Vortex will die again Sad.... Dark times.

Have you applied for moderator on Vortex before?
I have

What is your favorite part of the server?
My favorite part of the server is the players and the community. The staff members are so amazing and caring. They make me happy every time i come on . I feel so welcome and comfortable on the server and i think its really a nice thing to just feel welcome.

Do you understand the responsibility of being a staff member? If so explain..(50 words or more):
I do understand the responsibilities of being a staff member. I understand the fact that we have to take our job seriously and we have to be very active to keep our position and help players. We also must help players when they are in need and fix any problems that come up. We also have to be serious when handling sits. We cannot abuse our power or we will get them revoked.

Rate your communication skills from a scale of 1 to 10 and explain why you gave yourself that number:
i rate my communication skills a tight 8 because i can be very clear and easy to talk to. I can also stay calm in tight situations and i find that great skill to posses.

Do you have experience with staff work if so list the server name and the rank you have(Can be a different game as well): Yes vortex admin/mod.

Have you ever been banned from a server? if so, why: I have for prop spamming on a sandbox server.
Staff Test - Part A
Below you will be given a problem you will enter what punishment or ban time would be done for each:
RDMx1: Warn x1
RDMx2: Warn x2
RDMx3: warn x 3 / kick
Mass RDM (4 or more):kick/ ban for 2 1/2 weeks
RDAx2:warn x2/ kick
RDAx3:warn x 3 / one day ban
Mass RDA (4 or more): Kick/ ban 2 weeks

NLRx1: warn x1
NLRx2: warn x2
NLRx3: warn x3
NLR (4 or more): 4 day ban

Chat Spamx1: warn x1
Chat Spamx2: warn x2
Chat Spamx3: warn x3 / gag
Chat Spam (4 or more): 3 day ban

Flaming in chatx1: warn x1
Flaming in chatx2: warn x 2
Flaming in chatx3: kick
Flaming in chat (4 or more): ban if continued 4 days

Disrespectx1:warn x1
Disrespectx2: warn x2 / kick (depending on how bad it is)
Disrespect (4 or more): ban for 1 week
Trollingx1:warn x1
Trollingx2:warn x 2 / slay / kick
Trollingx3: kick
Trolling (4 or more): Ban 12 hours
Staff Test- Part B
Below you will be given a situation so you will put done what you would do.

You suspect someone of fading door abusing how would you find out: Check if they acutally have have a keypad to the door, or spectate them and see how they get into the base.

Logs are not working a someone has RDMed list 2 alternatives to find this out : Ask witnesses . Or wait until logs are back up.

You suspect a staff member of abusing how would you find out: Check console and you can see what commands they have been using.

You suspect a hacker how would you find out: Check console for any .lua script or any hack related things. Also spectate them and see how they play

You suspect a DDOS what should you do: Alert the owner ASAP, and ban the player ASAP.

How would you respond to a mass RDM: I would respond by freezing them, jailing them and unfreezing them and if they attempt to shoot me or any other players ban.

How would you respond to a mass RDA: I would respond by freezing them, jailing them and unfreezing them and unjailing them and if they attempt to arrest me or ny other players ban.

Player(s) are using one way props- Ask them to change it, if the resist then remove the props.

If a prop is blocking an entry or exit without a keypad what would you do- bring the player who created and ask them nicely do add a keypad and a fading door. If they resist remove the prop.

If you find random weapons around the map ( Not in or near owned bases): Just remove them.

Player(s) not following job rules-: Ask them nicely to follow the rules, if they keep resisting demote them.

Player(s) not following NLR rule- Teach them about NLR if they are unaware if they keep resisting warn the until they stop( may result in kick)

Player(s) killing in spawn- Dont take it lightly and bring them to a sit and warn them. If they keep doing it ban for 2 hours.

Fading door abusers- Ask them to stop and teach them they are not allowed to do this. If they resist remove the prop.

Say you suspect a player of fading door abusing. How would you find out if this is true- Spectate and watch how they enter there base.

A staff member is in a RP class and afk with god mode enabled what would do and or who would you inform- Inform them on steam or anything you can chat with them on other than the game if they dont answer demote them from the class.

You suspect a player of hacking, what do you do and who do you inform- Inform Owner ASAP If it continues perma ban.

I'm leaning towards yes and no lol all just a fat yikes somethings look good so you got that lol
sorry <3

**staff should vote on this too not just me Wink**

I haven't seen you on the server much, also the app lowkey looks yikes but yeah that's about it. (:
- 14#8474 -

Could we get some more votes on this application


I have not seen you in over a week and does not look like you care anymore.

I have had issues with you in the past and you don'y seem mature enough for staff. Sometimes you break rules knowing you'll get punished.

Your application seems OK ,but you are not fit for staff as our staff team is not in a good position currently.

(P.S Can we get more votes on this? This is really old)


Like Beast said, I haven't seen you on since I started playing. Also I don't think we need any "racist and disrespectful" staff member.


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