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Jason's Mod app

Steam Name: jasonkiller37

In game name: jason 

Steam ID (you can find it here- STEAM_0:0:98396783

What is your timezone and the days you are available: Mountain 

Age: 17

Time on the server: 3 1/2 years

What are your advantages? I have lots of experience, i deal with stressful situations  in a calm way

What are your disadvantages? When people bring of personal shit it triggers me 

Do you have a mic? Yes

Why you would like to be a Mod on Vortex Gaming.(50 words or more): I would like to become a mod on vortex gaming due to me being involved in the community for a quick minute. As well as i would like to see this community thrive and prosper. Making this community a great place to play would be something fun to do on my spare time.

What is more important the "Administrators" or the "players"? Explain why? It is
 important because you need to deal with bad role players and you need to make the community a fun place.

Have you applied for moderator on Vortex before? yes

What is your favorite part of the server? The people

Do you understand the responsibility of being a staff member? If so explain..(50 words or more):I of course know the responsibly as a staff member on vortex gaming, due to me developing it in the early days. It is important that you deal with toxic players and to stop the people that are making are role play bad. I feel that it is one of the more important roles here

Rate your communication skills from a scale of 1 to 10 and explain why you gave yourself that number: i would say a 8

Do you have experience with staff work if so list the server name and the rank you have(Can be a different game as well): Yes, I was one of the developers/owners of electro, mod on vortex, dev on vortex and made art for this current server

Have you ever been banned from a server? if so, why: yes, being associated with toxic players. I did nothing wrong personalty.
Staff Test - Part A ( Use Staff Punishment Guide )
Below you will be given a problem you will enter what punishment or ban time would be done for each:

RDMx1: Verbal warn
RDMx2: Warn
RDMx3: Warnx2
Mass RDM (4 or more): Ban for a few days

RDAx1: Verbal warn
Mass RDA (4 or more):Ban for a few days

NLRx1: warnl
NLRx2: warn
NLRx3: warn
NLR (4 or more): kick

Chat Spamx1: kick
Chat Spamx2: kick
Chat Spamx3:  ban
Chat Spam (4 or more): Perm Ban

Flaming in chatx1: kick
Flaming in chatx2: kick
Flaming in chatx3: ban
Flaming in chat (4 or more): perm ban

Disrespectx1: warn
Disrespectx2: kick
Disrespectx3: kick
Disrespect (4 or more): ban

Trollingx1: warn
Trollingx2: warn
Trollingx3: kick
Trolling (4 or more): ban
Staff Test- Part B
Below you will be given a situation so you will put done what you would do.

You suspect someone of fading door abusing how would you find out:

Spectate them, then ask them

Logs are not working someone has RDMed list 2 alternatives to find this out :
Bystanders, Spectate them for the rest of the day

You suspect a staff member of abusing how would you find out:

Record, provide more proof tell leroy

You suspect a hacker how would you find out:

CAC and spectate

You suspect a DDOS what should you do:

CAC and spectate

How would you respond to a mass RDM:

jail,talk,respond, ban

How would you respond to a mass RDA:

jail,talk,respond, ban

Player(s) are using one way props-

Go to them, talk to them and make sure they change it

If a prop is blocking an entry or exit without a keypad what would you do-
Tell the owner of that place

If you find random weapons around the map (Not in or near owned bases)

Pick it up...

Player(s) not following job rules-

Demote them, warn them

Player(s) not following NLR rule-


Player(s) killing in spawn-


Fading door abusers-


Say you suspect a player of fading door abusing. How would you find out if this is true-


A staff member is in a RP class and afk with god mode enabled what would do and or who would you inform-

Higher levels of staff

You suspect a player of hacking, what do you do and who do you inform-

CAC and Higher levels of staff

-1 way to mingy and has a short temper 


I have had a lot of issues with you in the past.
The app looks rushed and doesn't look like you felt like you tried.
I don't think you were specific enough on the situations.
Some of the punishments were too light.

-1 can be immature and lets his temper get the better of him would not recommend

(10-01-2018, 04:56 AM)UndefeatedBeast Wrote: -1

I have had a lot of issues with you in the past.
The app looks rushed and doesn't look like you felt like you tried.
I don't think you were specific enough on the situations.
Some of the punishments were too light.

Got it big soldier man

--1 Im sorry buddy but ill see you on the other side.

+1 god guy know rule very well

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