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The planned update which was supposed to occur between the days of October 22nd and October 26th was delayed for quite some time. Due to lack of funds for the server certain addons were not able to be added due to the overall cost of all of the planned addons we wanted to add, The server will be reopened on a new map, with some new addon that I have previously bought in the past. Example I will add mCasino again but will tweak it quite a bit being as there was a bug with the "Crash" game within mCasino, we will also be adding a couple new drug addons as well as possibly adding an oil addon to make up for not being able to add the other things we stated. I will also purchase a stock market addon for the server. Again I apologize for such a huge delay with the update, The server will be set to reopen this weekend. 

These are a few of the addons I will be adding to the server instead of the ones I stated originally (Body Armor) (Cocaine Labratory)
(Possibly Adding) (Heroin Factory) (mCasino) (Oil Mod) (Stock Market Addon)

Please note, these addons will be implemented as time progresses. Upon unlocking the server cocaine, Mcasino and Stockmarket will all be in. OilMod Heroin Factory and Body Armor will all be implemented within the next week


Honestly, server isn't going to pick up even after this update the server has not gained players but lost them entirely. Just stop paying for hosting.


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